Sabah Herbs Honey 200g
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Kelulut or Stingless Bees are mainly found in Malaysia tropical rainforest and there are different type of species.  Kelulut's specialty is that they will collect tree's resin and grease to build an oval shape honey pouch which is used to store the nectar and pollen.  Due to the low density of  the honey, it will naturally fermented and create an unique flavour.

Honey Kelulut contain high level of flavonoids, terpenes, organic acid, aromatic acid, enzymes, multivitamin and minerals.  It also contains natural antibiotics and high level of antioxidants which helps to boost the immune system, dilate blood vessels and activate cells, as well as strengthen anti-bacterial and anti-toxin functions. 

Benefits of Trigona Honey:

  • Consists of active enzymes and flavonoid
  • Consists low level of sugar (Fructose & Glucose)
  • Consists higher level of antioxidants compare to normal honey
  • Boost immune system and digestive system
  • Improve sleeping quality
  • Relief coughing, sore throat
  • Anti-aging and beauty care
  • Speed up wound recovery